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About NTE

Natole Turbine Enterprises has many years of experience in the manufacture, overhaul, component repair, rotor refurbishment, upgrading and reapplication of utility, pipeline, and industrial turbines.

As an independent for over 21 years, NTE has worked for more than 100 different gas turbine users providing consulting, inspection, repair shop vendor verification, and an alternate source for parts. Our clients operate GE Frame 3,5,6 and 7's, Westinghouse 191, 251 and 501's, ABB GT8 and 11's, Siemens V-64's, V-84's, V-94's and other manufacturer's gas turbines. 

NATOLE TURBINE ENTERPRISES (NTE) was founded by Ron Natole in 1990. His consulting services to the industrial, utility, and pipeline gas turbine market are reinforced with over 45 years of related experience. Prior to establishing NTE, Ron managed the turbine component repair and overhaul activities of Hickham Industries for 4 years. He was manager of gas turbine component repair at Chromolloy in Dallas, Texas for 5 years. For 16 years, Ron was with General Electric Co. (GE) in several capacities: 9 years in Schenectady, graduating from GE's Apprentice Machinist Program and as a GE factory test technician, plus 7 years in GE service, sales and shop management in Buffalo and Baltimore.

Ron's educational background includes: Machinist - Graduate of the GE Apprentice Training Program, B.S. - State University of New York at Albany and also attended - University of Baltimore - Law School. Ron's technical background consists of: ASME-IGTI Gas Turbine Basics, ASM Fundamentals of NDT, IRD Advanced Vibration Analysis, ASM Elements of Metallurgy, SuperAlloys II, GE Large Steam Turbine Training and also other Sales and Management Courses.

Ron is active in both ASME and the International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) and is a Past Chairman of the IGTI Board of Directors as well as a Past Chairman of both the Electric Power and Manufacturing Materials and Metallurgy Technical Committees of ASME-IGTI.

In the area of Presentations, Training and Education, Ron has given over 30 invited presentations and conducted several workshops/tutorials on a range of subjects including: Component Refurbishment, Maintenance, Applications, Operation, Uprates, Industry Outlook, Long Term Service Agreements, Parts Interchangeability, New Alternate Source Manufacture and other topics.


Houston, TX Area
Tel: 281-381-6592
Email: nte@natoleturbine.com


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